RST Instruments Ltd, Canada

Geotechnical Instrumentations

Geonor A/S, Norway

Geonor Vane Borer.

Hogentogler & Co

Piezocone Direct Push Technology

GDS Instruments Ltd

Computer Controlled Triaxial Testing System

NGI, Norway

Ground Penetration Radar

Wykeham Farrance Int

Soil Laboratory Testing Equipment

Apageo Segelm S.A

Menard Pressuremeter System

Humboldt Scientiicf

Nuclear Density Gauge.

BIT System components

BoreholeBIT uses the auger/bucket itself as the centralizer. Eliminating the need for a heavy-to-move system. 

The CHUM system Crosshole Sonic Tester

The CHUM (Cross Hole Ultra sonic Monitor) uses the Crosshole Sonic Logging (CSL) method to perform high-resolution quality control of deep foundations.

PET USB with a tablet PC (Computer is not included)

The PET (Pile Echo Tester) uses the Pulse-Echo method (PEM) for quick pile integrity test (quality control) of a large number of piles

Geoteko, Hall Effect Local Strain Transducers

GEOTEKO were required to carry out a series of triaxial tests for one of its clients to assess the samples susceptibility to liquefaction