Our Team

Our Team


GDS Instruments Sdn Bhd 199601032393 (404745-W) was established on the 4th October 1996 by founders Mr. Ang Koh An and Mr. Yoong Kien Khong with RM100,000.00 authorized capital and fully paid-up. The Authorized capital was increased to RM500,000.00 in year 2002 and total paid up increased to RM250,000.00.

Our Mission

The mission of the company is to provide quality sales and service support for Field and Laboratory Civil Material Equipment and Geotechnical Instrumentation specializing in Geotechnical aspects.

Customer Type

Polytechnics, Colleges, Soil Investigation Contractors, Geotechnical companies, Universities and Soil Testing Laboratories.

Forward Thinking

10,000kN Calibration Facility to ISO 17025 accreditation has been initiated and shall be completed by year 2021.

Customer Support

Provide geotechnical instrumentation services, support, installation and training.


Specialized in geotechnical testing equipment and instrument supplier in southeast asia region.

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Malaysia’s diverse terrain often faces slope stability challenges due to heavy rainfall and geological factors. Our system helps mitigate risks by continuously monitoring slopes, reducing the likelihood of landslides and ensuring safety.

Our system employs a combination of sensors, geotechnical instruments, and data analysis software to monitor slope movements. It collects data on displacement, tilt, and other relevant parameters, offering a comprehensive view of slope behavior.

Yes, our Slope Monitoring System can be customized to suit projects of various sizes, from small construction sites to large-scale infrastructure developments.

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Our Team